Report for ETC on Hamburg’s drive to attract Chinese investments


In Swedish.

Kinesiska investeringar i Europa har ökat flerfaldigt under den ekonomiska krisen.
Hamburgs politiker och myndigheter satsar hårt på att locka till sig dem – och staden har nu fler
kinesiska företag än någon annan stad på kontinenten, många gånger fler än hela Sverige.
Kinatoppmöte, Kinafestival och hjälp med migration hör till lockbetena.

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ETC - Kina räddar Tyskland

Link to Google translation (contains errors, provided for reference only).

China’s premier Wen in Gothenburg

I covered China’s premier Wen Jiabao’s visit in Gothenburg for today’s Metro (Swedish, click here for English Google translation), Sweden’s largest newspaper (about 1,5 million daily readers, counting all the editions from different cities).

First page headline, with my photo – click the picture for the article as it was displayed in the paper.

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Kampen mot vattnet

Swedish text and photo story for ETC Göteborg about the threat of rising sea-levels for Gothenburg and Jakarta, which share a common history.

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English Google translation of text (language is strange and erroneous, but mostly understandable. Unfortunately I don’t have time to translate all my articles personally.)