We’ll be

I’m just a little bit in love with Russia. It felt to me like a big brother of Sweden, the guy who’s been through a lot more tough shit in his life and acknowledges the difficulties of life through a somberly accepting and understanding pat on the back.
Over a glass of ТАРХУН (Tarchun), a nuclear green soft drink that was developed by physicists, I was taught a few drinking phrases by my Russian friend’s mother.

за дам (Za dam) – For ladies
ну, поехали (Nu, poehaly) Well, let’s go
ну, за взаимопонимание (Nu, za vzaimopnimanie) – Well, for understanding
I’m a bit perplexed about вздрогнули (Vzdrognuly), because in my notes there are just two zig-zagged arrows, and google tells me that the translation is “flinched”.
My friend, whose mom taught me the phrase, explained it like this:
“it’s like “to empty a glass”
but it’s really hard to translate literally
Russian is a crazy language especially when it comes to anything connected to drinking”

In my opinion, the best one is будем (Budem), which means “will” according to google, but as I got it explained it means “we’ll be”. How beautiful is that.

I’m planning on going back to Russia to do some reporting in the future. Stay tuned for that, and my photos, that will soon be up on Flickr.