maybe on the internet

[4/6/2011 10:49:29 AM] a: ai wei wei has been arrested!
[4/6/2011 12:09:07 PM] t: yep
[4/6/2011 12:09:20 PM] t: probably not so nice for him
[4/6/2011 12:09:58 PM] a: depressing
[4/6/2011 12:10:37 PM] a: creates a pretty bad vibe
[4/6/2011 12:11:49 PM] t: like that guy who comes to a party and is just really loud and obnoxious
[4/6/2011 12:13:04 PM] a: the party is china, the loud dude is the CCP?
[4/6/2011 12:13:19 PM] a: is that a metaphor you would use in print?